Purple Aztec Nail art tutorial 

Hi everyone! Today’s tutorial is a design that I did on my first nail art wheel (you can read it Here) and it was requested by a few of you! Sorry I’m so late posting this, but here’s a tutorial on how to do it! 

Here are the polishes I used, from left to right they are:

  • Essie “blanc”
  • NYC “prince street”
  • Essie “licorice”
  • Sally Hansen complete care 4 in 1
  • Barry M nail art pen “black”
  • Nail art brush

First I painted my ring finger and thumb white, and the rest of my nails purple.

Here’s a tutorial on how I did the accent nails! 🙂 I used a Barry m black nail art pen, and a purple nail polish on a nail art brush.

Then I added a top coat, to add some shine, and your finished!!

Here’s a pic with the flash, I absolutely love this purple! It’s kind of like a metallic purple, with a blue undertone.  I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, and if any of you try out this design, comment down below! Have a great day! 🙂 (btw, it’s my birthday tomorrow!🎉)

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