MoYou Nails review | Nail art stamping

Hi everyone! I received a package from MoYou nails awhile ago to review, so here it is! I was very impressed with how easy the stamping process was, as this was my first time ever nail art stamping! 

Here are the 5 different plates I received.  In the package, I also received a catalogue from them, a soft stamper, and a little black scraper, to help wipe away excess nail polish.

This is the plate I chose. Unfortunately the stamping plate didn’t have a name or number on it, but this is the one with a tinker bell, unicorn and stars etc.

So first I applied a base coat to my nails, and then this pink opi nail polish called “la Paz itively hot”

The stamping process was really easy. First, you apply a thick layer of polish over the design you want, then you get your scraper and wipe away the excess polish. Then as quickly as possible, get your stamper and roll it on top of the design, then roll it on to your nail. This process took about 20 seconds all together.

I chose the floral print on the stamping plate, and used my white Essie polish (“blanc”) for the design. Then, I applied a pink glitter nail polish from W7 which does not have a name, and applied it on top of the pink.

Overall, im really happy with these MoYou products, and I will definitely be buying more stamping things! Here is there website where you can buy these products, and the plates that I used. 
I hope you all enjoyed this review/tutorial, and I have a W7 products review coming up soon! 😉 have a great day x

6 Fun Nail Art Designs!

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Makeup Haul & Review | L’Oréal, Barry M, NYC and more!!

Hi everyone! Today’s post is all about drugstore makeup! I decided to start making posts on beauty products every so often, but don’t worry, I’ll still do all my nail tutorials!😉

Disclaimer: I bought most of these products in super drug, but anything marked with a * was sent to me. These are my honest opinions on the products.

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Coral leopard print nail art tutorial

Hi everyone! I was looking through my past nail tutorials, and I realised I haven’t posted anything with gold nail polish!! I still wanted this design to be summery though, so I used a coral colour from Catrice. (There’s a review on that nail polish soon!😀) So I hope you guys enjoy this design, and let’s get started!!

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